2023 Association of Marine Corps Logisticians Symposium
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Digital Tool Kit

Below you will find 2023 AMCL Symposium promotional materials.

Check out Symposium logos and web banners, newsletter promos, photos, and videos. All logos, web banners, social media suggestions, and additional collateral may be used to promote the AMCL Symposium and/or your organization’s presence at the Symposium.

Don’t forget to use #AMCL2023 to join in on the conversation!

Social Media Posts

Promote your participation on social media. Use the following social media sites.
Twitter: @USMC_Loggies
Facebook: USMCLogisticians
LinkedIn: association-of-marine-corps-logisticians

Use Hashtag:

Symposium Logos and Web Banners

If posting the below images on a website, please link to www.amclsymposium.org.

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